Antaeus Labs Psyche 120 caps (code: 20off)

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Antaeus Labs Psyche 120 caps

Ignite Your Intellect!

Struggling with being productive? Need to get focused, motivated, and be creative?

Give your brain a boost and get firing on all cylinders with Psyche!

Psyche is a nootropic designed help you perform at peak physical and mental states; supporting improved awareness, brain function, energy levels and overall mood.

Fuel your brain and your body with Psyche! Get it now!

Key Benefits of Psyche:
- Helps Improve Awareness*
- Helps Boost Mental Cognition*
- Helps Improve Sense of Well-Being*
- Helps Improve Energy Levels*
- Helps Increase The Release of Growth Hormone*
- Helps Improve Productivity*

Key Ingredients of Psyche:
Phosphatidylserine: A fat-soluble amino acid that supports cognitive function. Studies have shown that it compound can help with decreasing stress and improving physical performance. Trials have also shown that helps to treat declining mental function and depression. When combined with caffeine studies have shown that Phosphatidylserine helps improve post workout mood and reductions in the perception of fatigue.

L-Ornithine: an amino acid produced from arginine that facilitates the urea cycle and promotes the release of growth hormone. Exercise causes the accumulation of ammonia in the blood, brain and muscle, which contributes to muscular fatigue. Ornithine supplementation activates the urea cycle, promoting the excretion of ammonia and reducing fatigue during prolonged exercise. Ornithine has been found in studies to be synergistic with caffeine in improving mood and energy levels when tested in office workers.

Caffeine: Caffeine has been added to the formula for its synergistic effects with L-Ornithine. It helps to increase cognition, heighten awareness, reduce feelings of fatigue and improve energy levels.