Blackstone Labs Glycolog Limited offer FREE GenXLabs Chrysin

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Blackstone Labs Glycolog Limited offer FREE GenXLabs Chrysin

Extreme Insulin Mimetic & Nutrient Partitioning Agent!

If you are looking to tip the scales, gain more weight, build more muscle, there is a one key thing you need...insulin. For those looking to build more muscle, you need carbs. No matter the bad rap that low carbs, high carbs etc have gotten over the years, carbs are needed to build muscle. When is the last time you researched to see what the exact impact these different carb-related diets had on your growth, strength and physique?

When you eat carbohydrates, through an internal process, your body produces and secretes insulin. This where your gains either rocket forward or slams into a wall. Which route do you want to take?

Many customers think if they eats, they are just going to get fat. Now this is somewhat true, but lets dive in deeper. That spike in insulin from eating these carbs can be used to your advantage. Insulin is the most probolic compound in the can we use it to make our entire enviroment more probolic. It causes an uptake in glucose and amino acids, which forms glycogen, which results in growth.

So if you want to use those carbohydrates to stimulate muscle growth like you have never seen before, take Glycolog with every high carbohydrate meal!

Glycolog acts as a nutrient partioner, so it controls how much glucose and amino acids your body adds to your muscle. Glycolog makes the entire process above work for you so you can take advantage to all the benefits. Instead of having your body use insulin for storage, it makes it work to get your body into an probolic state, resulting in more muscle growth and strength, rather than fat.

So if that fat walrus look really isn't your thing, and you want rock hard lean muscle mass instead, take Glycolog.

The best results for Glycolog use are for those individuals on higher carbohydrate diets, especially when bulking. If on a cutting cycle, take Glycolog with your largest carbohydrate meals only!

Increase Muscle Mass Gains
Reduce Carbohydrates That Are Stored As Fat
Improve Nutrient Absorption
Better Muscle Pumps & Vascularity
Naturally Mimics the Effects of Insulin
Great for Both Men and Women

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Helps Increases Free Testosterone For Both Men and Women
A Must for Any Cycle

  • Helps Blocks the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen.
  • Helps Elevates Natural Testosterone
  • Supports  Libido 
  • Supports Body Fat Loss