GenXLabs Workout Cotton Hair Beanie CLEARANCE


GenXLabs Workout Cotton Hair Beanie

For Both Men and Women 

The Hair Beanie is Perfect for training or everyday hair wear.

GenXLabs Hair Beanie's patent-pending design is going to be one of your favorite accessories especially on bad hair days, or keeping your hair dry and looking good during exercise. 

Hair Beanie helps absorbs moisture on hot days or during workouts and exercise so your hair is ready to go.  Made with 95% cotton lightweight, the comfortable beanie will keep your hair dry and off your face while delivering a stylish look.

The beanie is complete with the GenXLabs Muscles-R-Sexy logo print across the side and fishbone ribbon with snap buttons on the back for adjustable hair lengths, including extensions, dreads, braids.  

Snaps for Adjustable Hair Style

Also available in Stretch Knit