Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Keto Lean 120 ct

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Keto Lean 120 ct

Low and no carbohydrate nutrition can really help you lose excess bodyweight but often, can be at the cost of reduce energy Keto Lean supplies your body with much needed exogenic ketones during times of high energy exercise or stress. With 1,500 mg of BHB exogenic ketones in every capsule, your body will begin to bounce back with huge boosts in energy levels. When you supplement with BHB Oil, the BHB breaks down during digestion and is released as free ketones in your blood. These BHB ketones help jumpstart ketosis, so you can see instant benefits without having to wait for the slow crawl of increased ketone levels. L-Carnitine plays a direct role in your metabolism and assists with the breakdwn of fatty acids so you can utilize them on fuel, which is an important part of the keto diet. In conclusion, the combination of dietary Carnitine, BHB salts and MCT oil will help reduce body weight and stimulated fat oxidation, which promotes overall weight loss. 

Helps Reduce Blood Sugar Modulation

Increase Energy in Low/No Carb Diets

Improves Weight Loss Abilities

Improve Cardio Training capacity