Olympus Labs Elim1nate 120 caps

Olympus Labs

Olympus Labs Elim1nate 120 caps

Fact: High levels of estrogen can cause brutal side effects such as: lethargy, loss of muscle, and fat gain.

Each serving is loaded with a whopping 100mg of Elimistane (Luteolin), one of the newest ingredient when it comes to combating estrogen. Although Elim1nate can be beneficial to the average athlete, growth factor users will undoubtedly see the maximum results with this product. When growth factor compounds are converted into test, some is invariably converted to estrogen. Too much estrogen can have a detrimental effect on your fitness goals, causing bloating, weight gain, excess body fat, moodiness, and even the dreaded gyno. What’s more, excess estrogen can inhibit luteinizing  which drive test and muscle growth.

Elim1nate isn’t just for growth factor users; it is ideal for any athlete that is seeking a lean, dry, and hard physique, giving you increased muscle definition to showcase your hard work. With its hefty dose of Elimistane, Elim1nate also functions as a test booster, leading to serious strength and power gains alongside explosive muscular growth. What’s more, Elim1nate is also an effective cortisol blocker, leading to an overall reduction in body fat. If you’re looking to shed excess body fat, build lean muscle, and get a dry/hard physique, an estrogen blocker is a must in your supplement arsenal.

Promotes lean, dry, hard physique
Controls and eliminates estrogen
Test booster
Blocks cortisol
Supports anti-catabolic activity