Olympus Labs K1ngs Blood 240 ct

Olympus Labs

Olympus Labs K1ngs Blood 240 ct

When it comes to your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), you definitely don’t want to cut any corners. If you want to keep your gains when you finish your growth factors cycle, you need to ensure that you take the proper steps to return your body to normal. Raising your test levels is key when you’re coming off-cycle, as the effects of growth factors shut off your natural test production. While most PCT’s focus on raising test levels, Olympus Labs has developed a revolutionary, supercharged PCT that will take your Post Cycle Therapy to the next level: K1ng’s Blood.

This powerful PCT contains one of the most powerful test boosting stacks in our entire warehouse, comprised of three patented ingredients designed to get your test soaring. Each serving of K1ng’s Blood is packed with 600mg of KSM-66 Ashwagandha, 300mg of EuryGold28, and 200mg of PrimaVie Shilajit, which in addition to their positive effect on test levels will also give you a serious strength and power boost. Plus, Ashwagandha is notorious in the fitness community for its ability to control the stress hormone cortisol, helping you manage your body fat percentage. Unlike other PCT’s, K1ng’s Blood doesn’t stop at test, with a Vrility, LH, and FSH Stimulation Matrix that focuses on helping you maintain your body composition. The combination will send your hormone production into overdrive, preserving your lean muscle mass gains while your body adjusts to the off-cycle.

K1ng’s Blood also contains an Estrogen and Prolactin Regulation Matrix, which functions to control the levels of estrogen and prolactin in your body. This comprehensive PCT is the ultimate post-cycle tool – if you want to keep your gains after your growth factors cycle, K1ng’s Blood is the only PCT you need. Order your bottle of K1ng’s Blood by Olympus Labs today and start recovering smarter!

Supercharged Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)
Boosts test levels
Restores Energy levels
Improves athletic performance
Reduces estrogen and cortisol
Accelerates post-workout recovery