Primeval Labs Pyretic Black

Primeval Labs

Primeval Labs Pyretic Black 120 caps

Breakthrough Stimulant Designed to Support Fat Burning!
Smooth long-lasting energy
Designed to limit cravings & enhance mental acuity

Pyretic Black is a once-a-day weight loss support supplement that not only supports fat burning but can also double as energy and focus-boosting pre-workout.*

Pyretic Black has been scientifically-formulated to address fat loss from multiple angles, including appetite suppression, fat mobilization, blood sugar stabilization, and metabolism support. *

Unlike conventional fat burners that only load you up on a bunch of caffeine and harsh stimulants, Pyretic Black has been meticulously crafted to supply smooth, long-lasting energy and focus along with added appetite suppression all in the effort to help make weight loss easier than ever.*