Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Pro IGF-1

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Pro IGF-1

The First Bioavailable Oral Supplement!

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has finally announced its long awaited Pro IGF-1 supplement. The name of this product is short for Insulin-like growth factor type 1. It was extracted from whey protein. Why is IGF-1 so interesting and what is its function? Think about taking performance supplements, which help your body through hypertrophy and increase the size of your cells. IGF-1 helps through hyerplasia, which actually increases the number of cells in the muscles. You will be able to achieve more muscle density and size by using the new IGF-1 from Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals.


Why not just use GH? Growth hormone actually is a precursor to IGF-1. Growth hormone does not directly cause muscle growth, but indirectly causes muscle growth by signaling the release of IGF-1. Thought you could only do injections? Thought only sprays? Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals uses their Liposomal delivery system to ensure their oral IGF-1 bypasses digestion and getting directly into the organs and cells where it can hit those receptors straight on. This makes it 1500% more bioavailable to the body. And without that, IGF-1 loses most of its effectiveness. This makes it the biggest discovery and more effective product for building muscle in years. 


It's actually not that high when you consider that this product will last you 50 workouts. You only take Pro IGF-1 on days you workout. So if you workout 5 days a week, this will last you 10 weeks, which is pretty amazing for the price and the results you can achieve. You do not take it on days you do not workout. Plus this is actual IGF-1, not bulk sprays or pills promising the same effects.


Pro IGF-1 is great for bodybuilding, to support strength and weight loss.

Assists the Body in Using Fat for Energy

Helps with Anti-Aging

Powerful Nutrient Partitioner

Boosts Hyperplasia Resulting in More Muscle Cells

Helps Improve Workout Recovery

20mcg of Natural IGF-1 Per Serving

Joint Support & Repair

Helps You to Build New Lean Muscle Mass

Support Muscle Density

Supports Strength and Overall Power Output

Helps Fight Inflammation in the Body

Helps to Burn More Fat

Increase Endurance and Workout Length

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