Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme 2 lbs BLOWOUT SALE

Metabolic Nutrition

Protizyme Metabolic Nutrition 2 lbs

Metabolic Nutrition introduces one of the highest quality protein powders available on the market. And we are not just saying that! We actually use pharmaceutical grade ingredients formulated by an actual physician to bring you not only the best quality whey protein blend, but one that also tastes phenomenal too! In addition to using 10x ultra filtered whey protein which preserves the peptides in such a way that they are still intact unlike other more damaging types of processing. Additionally to enhance absorption we have added digestive enzymes to help make the protein more available. By adding the digestive enzymes it was found that they increased amino acid digestion by 300%!

Ultra 10x-microfiltered enzymatically hi-absorption whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate.
Low in Carbohydrates
Low in Fat
TAG (Trans-Alanyl-Glutamine), the world's only "Muscle Targeted Glutamine”
Digestive Enzymes
Gluten & Diabetic Friendly
Approved for Bariatric & Post-Surgical Patients
No Lactose, Aspartame, or Trans Fat