Sparta Nutrition Sparta Whey 2lbs

Sparta Nutrition

Sparta Nutrition Sparta Whey 2lbs

Spartan Whey is your new #1 choice in protein supplementation. This is a revolutionary-tasting protein powder that provides a full range of high-quality amino acids needed to support your body’s recovery and jump-start muscle repair.

Unlike other protein powders which may skimp on the quality side by hiding the types of proteins used, Spartan Whey individually lists the exact amount of each and shows the total amino acid profile too. You wouldn’t settle for less than the best in your training program, so why settle for less than the best from your protein?

As the backbone of supplementation, protein powder is a critical component of your program. Spartan Whey offers:

Unparalleled taste
A full range of amino acids necessary to build and repair muscle tissue
Fast-digesting whey protein to give your muscles the building blocks they need to rebuild, at the time that they need it the most
Slow digesting casein protein to prolong muscle protein synthesis